Makes me #Smile
So, after watching two action-packed movies, eto ang nagawa ko. 

Super #Throwback
My Magic Hour again.  I think there’s more to this suddenly waking up at 3AM in the morning than just drawing to force myself back to sleep. Hmm…

#The3AMHabit #Doodle #Art #MagicHour
Today, my #summer has just begun.

#TunaPasta #Egg #CinnamonBread #Banana #MaayoAga ;)
Dahil nagising nanaman ako ng wala sa oras.

 #The3AMHabit  #Doodle #ToBeContinued #IWannaSleep

#Art #Doodle
… and that’s why. @sacredagents
This time I finally see the reason why, I can’t do this alone.  It took some time and concentration to believe it, this I know.
I need to build my faith sometimes, but I am so comfortable in line.
I’m up, there’s no more time, to try to mess with this design.

Tonight’s complete, everyone’s asleep, and I wanna say these words to You.
I’ll be Your hands, take me as I am, I just wanna be with You.

Take me as I am, ‘cause I’m goin’,
I was too scared to start,
And now I’m too scared to let go.

Take me as I am, ‘cause I’m growin’,
But it’s so hard to tell when I’m not used to this so
I lift my voice to sing out,
Let the sound of my heart ring out,
These hands aren’t holdin’ me down,
Never again will I be without